• Perform second-dimension separations using convenient precast gels and 7-, 11-, 18-, or 24-cm IPG strips.
  • Choose from ExcelGel precast SDS-polyacrylamide gels available as 12.5% homogeneous and 12%–14% gradient gels.
  • Prepare multiple 2-D maps on a single gel using three 7-cm or two 11-cm IPG strips side-by-side.
  • Configure Multiphor II with MultiTemp III Thermostatic Circulator and the programmable EPS 1001 power supply for reproducible running conditions.

Multiphor II Buffer Strip Positioner facilitates placement of ExcelGel Buffer Strips and holds the strips securely in place during the run.

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17123601 ExcelGel Gradient XL 12–14 310.00 USD Add to cart Get Quote

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17600221 ExcelGel 2-D Homogeneous 12.5 Temporarily unavailable

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