The Amersham™ DIBE™ HCP CHO kit measures antibody coverage of the Amersham™ HCPQuant CHO ELISA for in-process samples from recombinant protein production in CHO K1 cell lysate.

  • Accurate HCP risk management for biologics produced in CHO K1 cell lysate by using the same antibodies as Amersham™ HCPQuant CHO ELISA kit.
  • Robust coverage data with single-gel DIBE™ technology eliminating risk of error from gel-to-gel variation.
  • High sensitivity and signal stability using CyDye™ differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE).
  • Simplified 2D analysis without the need for alignment of two independent membrane patterns.

This assay uses fluorescent-based differential in blot electrophoresis (DIBE™) technology that increases the accuracy of HCP detection by generating coverage data with a single gel. Using the same primary antibodies as the ELISA assay enables robust risk management of HCP impurities in biologics produced in CHO K1 cell lysate. The HCP coverage assay using DIBE™ technology was developed by Rockland, Inc in collaboration with Cytiva and has been extensively validated. One kit can be used for one large 24 cm gel or five mini gels.

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