Parallelism across in-process purification steps for a monoclonal antibody produced in a CHO-S cell line
Residual HCP in commercial drug substances
To calculate the  lower limit of detection and lower limit of quantitation, we spiked known concentrations of Amersham HCPQuant protein standard into sample buffer and measured absorbance in the ELISA Kit
HCP coverage
Anti-CHO HCP antibody for coverage assay

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Product Product Name Price
29496737 Amersham HCPQuant CHO (Supernatant) 1 unit 96 well plate 875.00 USD Add to cart


29613962 Amersham DIBE HCP Detection Kit: ECL PLEX G-A-R IGG, CY5 (150 µg); CYDYE DIGE CY3 MINIMAL (5 NMol) 1 unit 2 kits 605.00 USD Add to cart


29496740 Amersham Anti-CHO HCP Antibody (Supernatant) 1 mg Tube On Request
29496739 Amersham Anti-CHO HCP Antibody (Supernatant) 100 µg Tube On Request

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