Melanie Coverage 9.2 is a comprehensive software solution for the host cell proteins (HCP) coverage assay with 2D differential in blot electrophoresis (2D DIBE) and other 2D gel electrophoresis images.

  • Minimize false positives with an innovative 3D view
  • Monitor the robustness of your assay with Coverage Range
  • Reduce subjectivity with spot presence table
  • Evaluate the performance of ELISA antibodies with automated quadrant coverage detection
  • Run an accurate PDF report
  • Choose between a node-locked license (a license fixed to one PC) or a floating license (a license that can be shared among PCs connected to a network license server)

HCP analysis dedicated software

Melanie Coverage is a tool for scientists involved in the development or use of immunoassays aimed at monitoring host cell protein (HCP) impurities in biopharmaceutical products. It is designed to analyze coverage, that is, the percentage of immunodetection that an antibody reagent offers for the total population of HCPs.

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Product Product Name Price
29705441 Melanie 9 Coverage Renewal Floating Renewal Floating license On Request
29705323 Melanie 9 Coverage, Renewal/Upgrade Site Floating Renewal/Upgrade Site Floating On Request
29705440 Melanie 9 Coverage Perpetual Node-locked license Perpetual Node-locked license On Request
29705331 Melanie 9 Package Perpetual Floating Perpetual floating On Request
29705442 Melanie 9 Coverage Perpetual Floating license Perpetual Floating License On Request
29705340 Melanie 9 Package Perpetual Node-locked Perpetual Node-locked On Request
29705324 Melanie 9 Coverage Perpetual Site Floating Perpetual Site Floating On Request
29705439 Melanie 9 Coverage Renewal Node-locked Renewal Node-locked license On Request
29705326 Melanie 9 Package, Renewal/Upgrade Site Floating Renewal/Upgrade Site Floating On Request
29705325 Melanie 9 Package Perpetual Site Floating Perpetual Site Floating On Request

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