cAMP Direct Biotrak EIA (non-acetylation and lysis protocol options).

  • Elimination of inconvenient, time-consuming extraction procedures.
  • Flexible method-choice of assay protocols.
  • Range 25 - 6400 fmol/well (non-acetylation protocol).
  • Rapid assay protocol.
  • Nonradioactive.
  • Specific for cAMP.
  • Precise and accurate measurement
  • Ready-to-use substrate.
  • Colour coded reagents

Biotrak assays

EIAs and ELISAs are convenient, high-sensitivity, peroxidase-based technologies that enable the amount of protein present in a sample to be measured in a single day. Novel lysis reagents have been developed (Lysis Reagents 1 and 2) to facilitate simple and rapid extraction of cellular molecules.

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cAMP Direct Biotrak EIA (Non-Acetylation Protocol)
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