The cell proliferation ELISA is designed as a precise, fast and simple colorimetric alternative to quantitate cell proliferation based on the measurement of 5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine (BrdU) incorporation during DNA synthesis in proliferating cells.

  • High level of correlation with the number of proliferating cells.
  • Low mean variation.
  • No disposal of radioactive isotopes.
  • Reagents provided in stable, optimised form.
  • Directly labelled anti-BrdU.
  • No transfer of cells; the assay is carried out in single microplate wells.
  • 1 wash and 4 incubation steps only.
  • The entire immunoassay is carried out at room temperature.
  • Mild fixation and DNA denaturation preserves cellular morphology and thus allows optical control of the cells during the assay.
  • Ready to use substrate.

Traditionally, the measurement of cell proliferation has involved the use of [3H]-thymidine to allow monitoring of DNA synthesis.The principle of the ELISA assay involves culturing cells in the presence of the respective test substances in a 96-well microplate at 37°C for 1 to 5 days. BrdU is added to the cells and these are reincubated (usually 2–24 hours). During this labelling period, the pyrimidine analogue BrdU is incorporated in place of thymidine into the DNA of proliferating cells. After removing the culture medium, the cells are fixed and the DNA denatured by addition of fixative (the denaturation of the DNA is necessary to improve the accessibility of the incorporated BrdU for detection by the antibody). The peroxidase-labelled anti-BrdU binds to the BrdU incorporated in newly synthesised, cellular DNA. The immune complexes are detected by the subsequent substrate reaction, and the resultant colour read at 450 nm in a microplate spectrophotometer. The absorbance values correlate directly to the amount of DNA synthesis and thereby to the number of proliferating cells in culture.

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