MMP-1, Human, Biotrak Assay.

  • Measures total MMP-1.
  • Specific for human MMP-1.
  • Precise and accurate measurement.
  • Non-isotopic protocol.
  • Ready to use substrate.
  • Same day protocol.

The MMP-1 Human Biotrak ELISA system has been specifically designed for research purposes. . MMP-1 may be measured in the range 6.25-100 ng/ml. The assay is based on a two site ELISA ‘sandwich’ format. Standards and samples are incubated in microplate wells pre-coated with anti-MMP-1 antibody. Any MMP-1 present will be. bound to the wells, other components of the sample being removed. by washing and aspiration. A second polyclonal antibody to. MMP-1 is then bound to the MMP-1. Any excess is removed by. washing and aspiration. The second antibody bound to the wells. is detected using donkey anti-rabbit horseradish peroxidase. The. amount of peroxidase bound to each well is determined by the. addition of TMB ‘ready-to-use’ substrate. The reaction is stopped by. addition of an acid solution, and the resultant color read at 450 nm. in a microplate spectrophotometer. The concentration of MMP-1 in a. sample is determined by interpolation from a standard curve. Each pack contains reagent for 96 determinations. This allows. the construction of a standard curve plus the measurement of 42. samples in duplicate.

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