Cy3 and Cy5 maleimide mono functional dyes are especially suitable for highly selective peptide, oligonucleotide and protein labeling via thiol maleimide coupling. 

Selectivity and irreversible linkage stabilize crosslinked proteins

  • Highly selective antibody labeling: reduces the probability of the label interfering with subsequent antibody-antigen reactions
  • Irreversible linkage: stabilizes crosslinked proteins
  • Provides an alternative when CyDye NHS esters are unsuitable: such as antibodies where amine labeling might impact antibody-antigen binding affinity


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Product Product Name Price
PA23031 Cy3 Maleimide Mono-Reactive Dye 5-Pack Cy3 5 vials each sufficient to label 1mg protein 790.00 USD Add to cart


PA25031 Cy5 Maleimide Mono-Reactive Dye 5-Pack Cy5 5 vials each sufficient to label 1mg protein 324.00 USD Add to cart


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