CyDye Mono-Reactive NHS Ester Fluorescent Dyes are intensely fluorescent and highly water soluble, providing significant advantages over other existing fluorophores.

  • Store refrigerated at 2–8°C in the dark.
  • Reconstitute the material to 1 mg/mL in anhydrous DMF/DMSO. Reconstituted material may be stored for up to 2 weeks at -200°C in aliquots to avoid repeat freeze thaw cycles.
  • The CyDye supplied here are monofunctional NHS esters, and are provided in a dried, pre-measured form ready for the labeling of compounds containing free amino groups.

When labeling antibodies or other proteins with NHS esters, the optimum conditions have to be established experimentally. The extent of labeling to give maximum fluorescence between the different CyDye vary and should be taken into account it will be necessary to optimise the ratio of CyDye NHS ester to protein and pH to give the final dye to protein (D/P) ratio that is required.

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Product Product Name Price
PA63106 Cy3B NHS Ester Cy3 25 mg 3 986.00 USD Add to cart


PA63100 Cy3B NHS Ester Cy3 5 mg 1 698.00 USD Add to cart


PA63101 Cy3B NHS Ester Cy3 1 mg 358.00 USD Add to cart


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