CypHer5E is a flexible, generic fluorophore that can be used to study most classes of cell surface receptors which internalize into the endocytic pathway when activated by a ligand.

  • Generic technology can be coupled to any receptor or epitope tag antibody.
  • Monitors any neutral to acidic event.
  • Simple fluorescence intensity increase.
  • Classic CyDye profile of two heterocycles linked by a polymethine bridge, and contains secondary nitrogen atoms in one or both heterocyclic rings.
  • CypHer5E has additional sulfonate groups to enhance its solubility in aqueous solutions.
  • Increased labelling efficiency and reduces adverse dye-dye interactions.

CypHer5E reports ligand-mediated receptor internalization by exploiting pH differences that occur along the endocytic pathway. CypHer5E is a red-excitable, pH-sensitive cyanine dye derivative that is minimally fluorescent at a basic pH and maximally fluorescent at an acidic pH. It is therefore well suited to report the movement of a receptor from the cell surface into acidic endosomes upon agonist stimulation.

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