ImageQuant LAS 500 is a cooled CCD camera for chemiluminescent Western blot imaging, blue/UV based DNA & protein stains, and white-light imaging of colorimetric stains and markers.

  • Sensitivity: detect picogram levels of sample with chemiluminescence.
  • Compact integrated design: built-in touchscreen lets you work independently of a dedicated PC, has a small footprint that fits neatly on any lab bench.
  • Automatic overlay function: simultaneously image and overlay chemiluminescent samples and colored molecular weight markers, making molecular weight determination easy.
  • Flexible image storage: store images on a USB memory stick, on the system, or in a network connection folder.
  • Simplicity: auto, semi-auto, and increment exposure modes with a user-friendly touchscreen operation helps you take the best possible image.
  • Speed: ready to operate in less than five minutes with the rapid cooling CCD camera.
  • Ease of installation: just unpack, power up and start.

Designed for chemiluminescence detection and gel documentation

This CCD imager is a practical and affordable solution to individual researchers or laboratories that are either looking for their own imager or need extra imaging capacity. The 30 × 28 cm footprint has the same area as a typical laptop computer, which allows the imager to fit neatly on almost any lab bench without the need to connect ancillary equipment.

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