• Simplify detergent screening of histidine-tagged membrane proteins.
  • Simultaneous evaluation of solubilization and purification efficiency.
  • Rapid and easy screening in the convenient magnetic bead format.
  • Ready-to-use detergent solutions.
  • Easy-to-follow protocol.

Membrane Protein Purification Kit

Membrane Protein Purification Kit is designed for efficient detergent screening of histidine-tagged membrane proteins. Small aliquots of cell membranes are solubilized in different detergents followed by rapid purification using His Mag Sepharose Ni. The purification step is performed directly after solubilization using the same detergent. Analysis and evaluation can be performed by a number of methods such as Western blot, gel filtration, or light scattering. Membrane Protein Purification Kit is sufficient for two complete screening experiments according to the included protocol.

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Product Product Name Price
28980582 Membrane Protein Purification Kit Discontinued, replaced by His Mag Sepharose Ni

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