Protein G Mag Sepharose simplifies enrichment of target proteins by immunoprecipitation techniques, protein antigen precipitation from solutions using antibodies, or pull-down applications as an in vitro technique to detect physical interactions.

  • Visible and dense Sepharose based magnetic beads with protein G ligand making it easy to spot and collect bound target protein
  • Non-adherent beads eliminate smearing effects and aggregate formation
  • Can be used without detergents
  • Simple capture of target protein in small or large sample volumes (low microliter to high milliliter scale)
  • Optimized capacity for enrichment/immunoprecipitation of target proteins—only low amounts of antibody needed
  • Flexible protocols with elution conditions optimized for both electrophoresis and MS analysis

Find out which magnetic bead chemistry meets your application requirements in Magbeads 101: A guide to choosing and using magnetic beads and explore ways to optimize your magnetic bead workflow in Scientists guide to magnetic beads

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