Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine Blocked Magnetic Particles are uniform, colloidally stable, mono-dispersed, non-porous super-paramagnetic spheres made by a proprietary core-shell method. The core is a carboxylate-modified particle made by free radical emulsion polymerization of styrene and acid monomer. Magnetite (Fe3O4) is coated onto this core particle and then encapsulated with propriety polymers. The final surface is blocked using a proprietary method to help prevent nonspecific binding of proteins.

Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-Blocked Particles combine fast magnetic reaction kinetics and high binding capacity due to large surface area.

  • Feature a non-surfactant, non-protein blocked surface to reduce the undesired adsorption of proteins from a sample matrix.
  • Fast reaction kinetics increases throughput and precision, also enabling faster movement through viscous solutions.
  • Unique cauliflower-like surface provides increased area for binding reactions compared to smooth surface particles.
  • Uniform, nominal 1 μm diameter provides excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.

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19152104010150 Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-Blocked Particles 5 mL 544.00 USD Add to cart


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