Use this Biacore sensor chip with PrismA ligand to consistently optimize processes and to perform quality control of antibody concentration analysis. The sensor chip is pre-functionalized with the same recombinant protein A molecule used to capture antibodies in MabSelect PrismA™ resins.

Well suited for biopharmaceutical process development, biomanufacturing, and QC.

  • Save time and effort with this ready-to-use sensor chip. The prefunctionalized PrismA ligand means you don't have to develop immobilization and regeneration conditions for your antibody concentration assay.
  • Use one sensor surface to bind a wide variety of antibodies from mammalian species, including human in subclasses IgG1, IgG2, and IgG4. Binding mainly takes place between the constant heavy chain domains, CH2 and CH3, in the Fc region of the antibody.
  • Enhance binding affinity – compared to Sensor Chip Protein A – for the VH3 sequence located on the variable heavy chain of the Fab region.
  • Ensure that assays are robust, with reproducible high-affinity capture over more than 200 analysis cycles per channel.
  • Have confidence in your data. Results are reproducible, because sensor chips are developed and manufactured under highly controlled conditions.

Use this tool if you want to attach your own ligands for a Biacore™ SPR assay.

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29650264 Series S Sensor Chip PrismA 3 1 599.00 USD Add to cart


29650263 Series S Sensor Chip PrismA 1 585.00 USD Add to cart


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