Biacore sensor chip with carboxymethylated, matrix-free surface for covalent immobilization. Use when there is a need to avoid dextran on the surface.

  • Use when the interaction partner in solution is multivalent or very large.
  • Maintains sensitivity by keeping large particles as close as possible to the surface.
  • Reduces avidity effects with multivalent interaction partners.
  • Attach proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or small molecules.
  • Couple to carboxyl groups on the sensor surface via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH.


The matrix-free surface of Sensor Chip C1 is carboxymethylated and has a low binding capacity. The flat surface allows interactions to take place closer to the surface. These features can be beneficial when working with multivalent interaction partners, large molecules, molecular complexes and particles. This surface is also useful for those few interactions that may be affected by the presence of dextran.

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Product Product Name Price
BR100535 Series S Sensor Chip C1, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 1 060.00 USD Add to cart


29104944 Series S Sensor Chip C1, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 424.00 USD Add to cart


BR100540 Sensor Chip C1, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 690.00 USD Add to cart


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