Biacore sensor chip with similar properties to Sensor Chip CM5, but for fragment and low molecular weight molecule samples with three times higher capacity.

  • For fragment and low molecular weight molecule samples.
  • Use when achieving the required immobilization level is a challenge.
  • Suitable for small molecule work and fragment-based screening.
  • Higher binding capacity enables confident measurements of low molecular weight compounds.
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratios improve screening data quality.
  • Improves chances of success where immobilization levels are unfavorable, e.g. target protein has low concentration or is very sensitive to immobilization conditions required.
  • Attach proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, or small molecules.
  • Couple to carboxyl groups on the sensor surface via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH.

Surface matrix

Carboxymethylated dextran covalently attached to a gold surface. Molecules are covalently coupled to the sensor surface via amine, thiol, aldehyde, or carboxyl groups. Sensor Chip CM7 is similar to Sensor Chip CM5, but with a higher degree of carboxylation and a denser matrix, providing an approximately three times higher immobilization capacity. The surface is highly useful for more challenging applications, such as studies with small molecules and fragments. It is generally less suitable when working with large biomolecular analytes.

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28953828 Series S Sensor Chip CM7, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 468.00 USD Add to cart


29147020 Series S Sensor Chip CM7, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 1 285.00 USD Add to cart


28957332 Sensor Chip CM7, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 404.00 USD Add to cart


29147017 Sensor Chip CM7, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 1 129.00 USD Add to cart


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