Biacore sensor chip offering stable, high-capacity capture of vesicles and liposomes while maintaining the lipid bilayer.

  • Use to incorporate a molecule into a lipid bilayer.
  • For rapid and reproducible capture of lipid membrane vesicles.
    • No anchoring molecules needed.
    • Bilayer structure maintained.
      • Suitable for work with transmembrane proteins.
      • Possible to combine covalent immobilization properties from the CM-family of sensor chips with a lipid anchor.


      Lipophilic groups are covalently attached to carboxymethylated dextran, making the surface suitable for direct attachment of lipid membrane vesicles such as liposomes. After attachment, the lipid bilayer structure is retained, facilitating the study of interactions involving transmembrane receptors in membrane-like environments.

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Product Product Name Price
29104993 Series S Sensor Chip L1, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 516.00 USD Add to cart


BR100543 Sensor Chip L1, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 817.00 USD Add to cart


BR100558 Sensor Chip L1, pack of 1 1 sensor chip Temporarily unavailable

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