Biacore Sensor Chip NTA immobilizes histidine-tagged molecules by metal chelation for subsequent surface plasmon resonance (SPR) interaction analysis.

  • Versatile: immobilizes many types of histidine-tagged molecules
  • Ready-to-use: NTA is pre-immobilized, ready for nickel loading and ligand capture
  • Convenient: compatible NTA reagent kit provides nickel ion and regeneration solutions
  • Easily regenerated: EDTA injection efficiently removes metal ions to regenerate the sensor
  • Chelation capture: simpler assay development, potential to standardize target orientation

Stable capture of histidine tagged recombinant proteins

Histidine is the most widely used molecular tag today. Sensor Chip NTA can be used to immobilize many different types of poly-histidine-tagged proteins for subsequent SPR assays. Interaction of immobilized proteins with a wide range of analyte molecules can be studied, from low-molecular weight compounds to large proteins. For experiments where low molecular weight analytes are studied, Sensor Chip NTA is the first choice.

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Product Product Name Price
BR100034 Sensor Chip NTA, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 1 170.00 USD Add to cart


28994951 Series S Sensor Chip NTA, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 627.00 USD Add to cart


BR100532 Series S Sensor Chip NTA, pack of 3 3 sensor chips 1 752.00 USD Add to cart


BR100407 Sensor Chip NTA, pack of 1 1 sensor chip 433.00 USD Add to cart


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