Your discovery — elevated.
Confidently determine the ‘good’ or ‘developable’ candidates.


Exceptional sensitivity and data collection frequency enables analysis of challenging targets, unstable binders, and to better distinguish tight binders.


Activity queue combined with high sample capacity and buffer selector maximize operational efficiency.


Enhance assay flexibility with broad analytical temperature range and multiple options to direct samples through the six flow-cells.


Flexible injection tools and buffer selector expand your application versatility and enable more efficient sample utilization.

Biacore™ 1 series SPR platform offer analytical flexibility that can grow with your group’s need for sample capacity, sensitivity, and throughput.

Check out:

  • How to address the six flow cells
  • Novel injection tools that expand application versatility
  • Temperature controlled sample hotel and sample capacity

Biacore™ Insight Software offers a streamlined approach to run, analyze, visualize, and export your SPR data and results. The unified instrument control and data evaluation platform allows straightforward transfer of methods to other Biacore™ 1 series or Biacore™ 8 series systems.

The modular design of the software allows you to maximize the application versatility of your Biacore™ systems, providing a scalable, easy to use, platform that adopts to your needs.

Get a head start in SPR assay development. The extensive range of Biacore™ Series S sensor chips, support analysis of a wide range of molecules. You can significantly reduce time spent on assay development by using a variety of optimized capture kits for capturing the most common antibodies and tags.

Combine these with predefined application methods in the control software and you can start in minutes supporting your next discovery.

Take advantage of our Biacore consumables product guide, or spark new ideas by visiting our library of analysis examples on the Key SPR applications page.

OptiRun™ service solutions offer comprehensive, customizable support throughout your equipment’s lifecycle. Find a service agreement that meets your needs and desired outcome.

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