Biacore™ S200 is our most sensitive SPR-based sensor, offering increased productivity in LMW/fragment drug discovery.

  • Exceptional sensitivity that facilitates work with difficult targets where response levels are low and in small sample volumes
  • 384 single-concentration fragment binding data in less than 16 h
  • Competition assays for validation of binders and for binding-site mapping
  • Affinity and kinetics determinations with exceptional quality for confident lead optimization

Biacore™ S200 is our most sensitive SPR-based sensor for cutting-edge applications and offers exceptional data quality using small sample volumes. Predefined run and evaluation templates guide the user and shorten time to results. The templates are available for all major types of assay and are preloaded with application-relevant settings. The templates are fully flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit specific assay needs. In addition to direct binding assays you can identify site-selective binders directly using competition assay.

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