A prepleated filter for use with a conical filter funnel, offers fast filtration and high loading capacity for analysis involving coarse particles or gelatinous precipitates.

  • Highest retention among standard filters
  • Slow flow rate
  • Fine-particle retention
  • For qualitative analysis

The filter is wet-strengthened and for normal qualitative applicaiton it will not introduce any any significant impurities into the filtrate. However, it is not recommended for Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis.

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Product Product Name Price
5802-385 802 38.5 cm 100/pk 38.50 cm 100/PK 169.30 USD Add to cart


5802-6698 802 24 cm 1000/pk 24.00 cm 1000/PK 684.00 USD Add to cart


5802-150 802 15 cm 100/pk 15.00 cm 100/PK 41.79 USD Add to cart


5802-125 802 12.5 cm 100/pk 12.50 cm 100/PK 41.79 USD Add to cart


5802-185 802 18.5 cm 100/pk 18.50 cm 100/PK 49.84 USD Add to cart


5802-320 802 32 cm 100/pk 32.00 cm 100/PK 117.42 USD Add to cart


5802-240 802 24CM Circle 100/PK 24.00 cm 100/PK 75.50 USD Add to cart


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