Whatman™ MashPrep™ Syringe Filters allow you to filter corn mash sample for HPLC or other analytical technique quickly and efficiently. This filter reduces the number of filters needed to complete sample preparation, saving time, money and hand strain.

  • Nylon membrane is hydrophilic and can be used for aqueous and/or organic samples.
  • The membrane offers good chemical resistance to most common HPLC solvents.
  • Suitable for sample preparation for high performance and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC and uHPLC).
  • 25 mm syringe filter diameter to suit sample volume.
  • Choice of 0.2 µm or 0.45 µm pore sizes for retaining a variety of particles.
  • Large bulk packs keep your costs low while handling demand for processing large numbers of samples.
  • Recyclable after use. Learn how you can recycle it.

Whatman™ MashPrep™ syringe filters

Whatman™ MashPrep™ Syringe Filters enable the filtration of corn mash samples during the bioethanol production process. Whether using dry milling or wet milling, mash samples are generally taken at the fermentation stage for HPLC or other analytical analysis. Once bulk solids are removed (this can be performed using Whatman™ Grade 4 paper), the filtrate is passed through the Whatman™ MashPrep™ syringe filter to remove smaller particulates and remaining trace solids. This step prepares the sample for an HPLC or another analytical technique. It is important to filter the sample because any solids present can block the guard columns or other analytical components of the instrumentation – leading to potential deterioration of accuracy of results or damage to instrumentation and components resulting in instrument downtime.

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5501-2502 Whatman™ MashPrep™ 25/0.2 5000PK 25 mm 0.2 µm 5000 pieces 4 499.00 USD Add to cart

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5501-2504 Whatman™ MashPrep™ 25/0.45 5000PK 25 mm 0.45 µm 5000 pieces 4 527.00 USD Add to cart

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