Cytiva's Whatman Cyclopore polycarbonate membranes are true pore size microporous membranes featuring the sharp cut-off and reproducible microfiltration characteristics of track-etched membrane filters.

  • Low affinity for stains improves visibility under a microscope
  • Negligible absorption and adsorption of filtrate; nonhygroscopic
  • Low protein binding minimizes sample loss of proteinaceous samples
  • Narrow pore size distribution and high pore density support rapid surface capture of analyte
  • Negligible absorption and adsorption of filtrate; nonhygroscopic
  • No particle shedding enables clean filtrate
  • Biologically inert

Cytiva's business offers a variety of Whatman PCTE membrane filters for gravimetric analyses. Browse the range of Whatman track-etched membranes to find other Cyclopore membranes and Nuclepore application-specific membranes for organic halide adsorption and electron microscopy.

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7091-4710 Cyclopore Polycarbonate Thin Clear Membrane, 1.0 µm pore size, 47 mm circle (100 pcs) 47 mm 100 pieces 219.00 USD Add to cart


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