CF3 is a medium weight 100% cotton linter material (322 µm thickness at 53 kPA), suitable for use as a sample and absorption pad for lateral flow applications.

  • Medium weight.
  • Consistent absorbency and wicking rates: Ensures test-to-test reproducibility.
  • Product manufactured in controlled environments from high-quality materials: Minimizes the risk of false results due to sample contamination.
  • Low protein binding: High test sensitivity and minimal loss of analyte.
  • Naturally hydrophilic: Rapid rewetting after prolonged storage.
  • Compatible with most housing styles.

CF3 – Medium Grade Sample Pads

To ensure that your assay begins without complications, Cytiva offers a complete range of high-quality sample pad materials. CF3 is medium grade, suitable for use as a sample pad in lateral flow applications. Sample pads begin the assay by transporting samples from the point of application to the test components. CF3 can also be used as an absorbent sink at the downstream end of the test to control sample flow along the strip. Choosing an absorbent with sufficient capacity is an important consideration when designing an assay.

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8113-2250 CF3 22mm x 50m 1 roll 184.83 USD Add to cart


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