A range of unbacked nitrocellulose membranes for use in a lateral flow assay.

  • AE membranes are unbacked, allowing either belt or air side of the membrane to be used.
  • Enables assay suitability tests of both air and belt side of the membrane.
  • Constructed of 100% nitrocellulose.

AE Membranes

Constructed of 100% nitrocellulose, the AE family of membranes offers a higher level of purity and performance compared to post-treated materials. The AE membranes have been used extensively since the development of the original lateral-flow tests and have become a standard for manufacturers worldwide. There is a long history of success and experience for the optimization of these products in assays. AE membranes are unsupported, which means either the belt or air side of the membrane can be used.

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Product Product Name Price
10547017 AE100 25mm x 50m 1/pk 90-120 s/4cm Discontinued
10549916 AE98 25mm x 50m 1/pk 160-210 s/4cm 322.00 USD Add to cart


10548081 AE99 25mm x 50m 1/pk 120-160 s/4cm 240.00 USD Add to cart


10539706 AE99 20 MM × 100 M 1/PK IP 120-160 s/4cm 354.00 USD Add to cart


10548082 AE99 25 MM × 50 M 1/PK 120-160 s/4cm 240.00 USD Add to cart


10546005 AE99 25 MM × 100 M 1/PK SIP 120-160 s/4cm 354.00 USD Add to cart


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