A range of laminated cards consisting of FF High Performance (HP) large-pore direct-cast nitrocellulose membrane (25 mm width) bound to a 60 mm × 300 mm polystyrene card backing.

  • FFHP membrane cards offer a convenient way to evaluate FFHP membranes as well as simplify manufacturing process.
  • Exceptional intra- and inter-lot consistency as demonstrated by a coefficient of variation (CV) for capillary rise of < 10%.
  • Improved assay consistency and consistent limit of detection.
  • Reduced assay optimization costs, compared to a less consistent membrane.

FFHP Membranes

FF High Performance (HP) membranes are part of the AE family, which are directly cast onto a plastic film. The FFHP membranes are a result of improved membrane casting procedures, which result in enhanced intra- and inter lot consistency and sharper lines. The surface is uniform without unincorporated nitrocellulose powder and the fine structure fiber distribution provides large internal surfaces for binding proteins

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Product Product Name Price
10547020 FF80HP Lam 60(25)x300mm100/pk 60-100 s/4cm 466.00 USD Add to cart


10547023 FF170HP Lam 60(25)x300mm 100/pk 140-200 s/4cm 466.00 USD Add to cart


10547021 FF120HP Lam 60(25)x300mm 100/pk 90-150 s/4cm 466.00 USD Add to cart


10547129 FF120HP PLUS LAM 60(25) × 300 MM 100/PK 90-140 s/4cm 100 pieces 466.00 USD Add to cart


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