PDCentral screenshot
PDCentral project listing

The Projects tab displays each project’s name, owner, status, unit operation, and more.

The Projects tab also allows you to create new projects from scratch. Each project can have multiple collaborators assigned. You can assign tags to each project to simplify organization.

The detailed view of each project shows information such as:

  1. Summary information including the project’s owner, collaborators, creation date, description, and status
  2. A list of project steps, which can be edited or rearranged at any time
  3. Full details for the selected project step, including chromatograms, analytical results, data tables, imported files, and discussion between collaborators

Chromatograms are customizable: you can select which curves to display, highlight curves, zoom, export in PNG format, and more.

PDCentral report generation
PDCentral Create Report menu

From the Reports tab, it’s easy to generate a report and export to Microsoft™ Word or PowerPoint™ format. All you have to do is select the process steps to include in the report. If desired, you can filter the report to only include your “starred” data. The report includes the project information, project steps, all imported data, and pairing information.

PDCentral network diagram

The PDCentral™ bioprocess development data platform incorporates a broad assortment of capabilities to ensure data privacy and security, including:

  • Data encryption, while at rest and while in transit
  • User and organization management capabilities for administrators
  • Automatic data backups
  • Virus scanning for all uploaded files
  • Audit logs and monitoring for data integrity

For more details, refer to our security practices for cloud products.

PDCentral user quotes