Scaling down size, scaling up capabilities

ÄKTA pilot 600 is small enough to fit on a lab bench, but big enough to allow scale-up to GMP environment.


ÄKTA pilot 600 ÄKTApilot
Flow (mL/min) 600 (1200 using both pumps) 400 (800 using both pumps)
GMP readiness USP<88>Class VI, CFR part 177, Free from animal-derived
components or compliance with EMA 410/01, Rev 3
SNAP connectors Yes No
Modular design
for flexible use
Yes No
Interactive process picture
for real-time control
Yes No
Features facilitating
column handling
Yes No


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ÄKTA pilot 600 interactive process picture

Controlling your process in real time

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 0:34

ÄKTA pilot 600 interactive process picture 0:34