Fast Trak™ process development services

Biopharma process development services

Process development & tech transfer

Development services for upstream and downstream processes with support for tech transfer

Biopharma learning and education

Training and education

Globally offered courses taught by industry experts to develop your in-house bioprocessing talent

Biopharma quality assurance

Analytical and characterization services

Solutions to perform required analytical testing, freeing up your team to focus on other deadlines

Biopharma services for CDMOs

Solutions for CDMOs and biomanufacturers

Expertise and services to support earlier release of your drug product

Our process development services catalog

  • Upstream services
    • Support for suspension and adherent production platforms
    • End-to-end process development and optimization
    • Proof of concept
    • Process scale-up
    • Process redesign
    • Analytical assays
  • Downstream services
    • End-to-end process development and optimization
    • Resin screening and optimization
    • Mechanistic modelling
    • Process scale-up
    • Proof of concept
    • Process redesign
    • Analytical assays
    • Cleaning in place (CIP) studies
    • High-throughput process development (HTPD) studies
  • Tech transfer support
    • Process and knowledge transfer
    • Dedicated field scientist(s) for on-site support
    • Can support both upstream and downstream tech transfer activities
  • Biomanufacturing/CDMO
    • Pre-clinical 10 to 2000 L scale BSL-2
    • Clinical 10 to 500 L scale BSL-1 (phase 1), only available in China
    • Drug substance and drug product stability study
    • Batch release

Speed to market is critical

If you’re looking to launch a new molecule, enhance existing capacity, or develop biosimilars, our Fast Trak portfolio of services is designed to take you from molecule to market and anywhere in between.

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