Now you can pursue personalized medicine with lower risk and greater efficiency and remove operational barriers to scale-up and scale-out—to those who need them, now and in the future.

Automated instrumentation, reliable reagents, and consultative support from Cytiva’s Cell Therapy Solutions accelerate your efforts from cell recovery to reformulation.


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We know that cell therapies work. Now we need to learn to manufacture them efficiently on an industrial scale. Insights on cell therapy manufacturing challenges and how to overcome them.

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Retaining cell viability and function after thawing is a major challenge of cryopreservation. With cell therapies, low viability essentially means that the patient gets a lower ‘dose’ of therapy, which can prevent treatment from working effectively.

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To help you realize your commercialization timeline, Enterprise Solutions for Cell Therapy provides access to our end-to-end ecosystem of next-generation equipment, turnkey manufacturing solutions, and comprehensive services.


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