Flexible manufacturing is key to success


You need scalable, functionally closed, and flexible systems to support the growth of your organization.

With turnkey FlexFactory™ GMP manufacturing platforms, you can keep your options open ― while increasing control and mitigating risk ― like these organizations are:

ElevateBio - cell therapy and viral vector manufacturing

CBMG - cell therapy manufacturing

XPH - cell therapy manufacturing

Akron Biotech - plasmid manufacturing

Forecyte Bio - cell and gene therapy manufacturing

Automate the cell thawing process and obtain consistent results with preset profiles on VIA Thaw™ instruments. Thaw cells in a uniform way using dry technology and complete process verification digitally with these GMP-ready systems.

VIA Thaw™ dry automated thawers
Automate processing of multiple cell types and steps with Sepax C-Pro™ systems. Easily set up and use these flexible systems, which work with a library of protocols and convenient single-use kits. Systems are functionally closed and fully automated to help you comply with GMP requirements.

Sepax™ C-Pro cell processing systems
Optimize and automate expansion of CAR T cells, NK cells, and other cell types using functionally closed Xuri™ systems with single-use bags. Maintain control of this critical cell processing step with process monitoring and the ability to operate the system remotely.

Xuri™ Cell Expansion System W25
Streamline your workflow and achieve scalability with the flexible software protocols and sensor control of automated Sefia™ systems. Functionally close processing with single-use kits designed for specific protocols.

Sefia™ cell processing systems
Optimize cell function and viability with the customizable freeze profiles and precise temperature control of VIA Freeze™ instruments.

VIA Freeze™ controlled-rate freezers
Maintain cell viability with this smart, liquid nitrogen-free shipper designed for cell and gene therapies.VIA Capsule™ system.

VIA Capsule™ system

"The FlexFactory™ platform fits well with other scale-up solutions, and we were able to develop processes in the laboratory with confidence that they could be rapidly scaled and translated to GMP manufacturing."


- Mike Paglia, COO, ElevateBio

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GMP lab scene with Chronicle tablet close-up with Sefia and Xuri Cell Expansion system in background

"We leverage Cytiva's FastTrak™ online Advanced CELLT1 course to accelerate the training of new process development teams, as well as manufacturing staff. The CELLT1 course combines both theory and laboratory work on end-to-end manufacturing in order to accelerate and standardize staff training."


- Mike Paglia, COO, ElevateBio