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Learn more about why taking a closer look can help you reach your research goals.

Your HCA solution: from assay to answer

Fast, reliable, and relevant results with our latest HCA workflow.

IN Carta software

Power to answer the toughest questions, built on ease of use. IN Carta drives your HCA productivity.

DeltaVision OMX SR

Don’t be limited by light, go to imaging with the OMX SR microscope system.

IN Cell Analyzer 6000 Cell Imaging System

Inspired by the iris mechanism of the eye, GE’s IN Cell 6000 technology delivers enhanced versatility and performance to high content imaging.

DeltaVision Ultra

DeltaVision Ultra: keep your focus on discovery

See how the versatile DeltaVision Ultra automated widefield microscope delivers quality data to support your research needs today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Take a look at the amazing data and science generated by the GE Cell Analysis users.

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Hear how Jordan Beach, PhD uses the DeltaVision OMX SR system to drive his research forward.