Whatman filtration devices

High performance Difficult filtration Automated systems Application specific All in One Advantage Mobile phase
Broad selection of membranes, sizes, formats to meet most analytical needs, from basic to advanced Use for heavy particulate samples Use in high throughput and/or dissolution systems Dedicated uses: HPLC, IC and LC with certification; bioethanol and protein purification production; environmental samples prior to COD / DOC analysis Integrated devices include the collection receptacle to save time, reduce waste and reduce sample handling Reliable quality,  economical portfolio for basic applications Inline filter devices for degassing solutions used as the carrier phase in analytical equipment
Whatman Puradisc
Whatman Anotop
Whatman GD/X
Whatman GD/XP
Whatman Anotop
Whatman Roby
Whatman 850-DS
Whatman Puradisc Aqua
Whatman Spartan Certified
Whatman Protein Prep
Whatman Anotop IC
Whatman Anotop LC
Whatman Autovial
Whatman UniPrep
Whatman MUP
Whatman MUP G2
Whatman Uniflo Whatman Aqueous IFD
Whatman Solvent IFD
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