Whatman filtration products

FFHP Plus Nitrocellulose Membranes

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Immunopore Membranes

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CF7 Absorption Pad

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Selection guide for lateral-flow immunoassay


What component do you need?

What product should you choose?

When should you choose it?

Sample application


Thin and light, suitable for small volume lateral flow applications.
Medium weight ensures test-to-test reproducibility.
Thick material suitable for high sample volume.

Conjugate release

STD 14
Fusion 5

Light, thin glass fiber: suitable for small volumes.
Single layer matrix membrane that can be used to replace traditional modular components from a lateral flow testing kit.

Blood separation


Bound glass fiber filter, especially suitable for saliva samples.
Bound glass fiber filter suitable for serum samples and even one drop of whole blood.
Bound glass fiber filter suitable for serum and whole blood samples (ca. 100 μl).
Can be used as a vertical separator, as single or multiple layers, for separation of a wide range of blood volumes.

Unbacked nitrocellulose membranes

AE Membranes

For experienced users as trickier to handle, typically available at lower cost.

Backed nitrocellulose membranes

Immunopore Membranes

When looking for more consistent membrane performance than wet-treated surfactant products.

Fast flow high performance nitrocellulose membranes

FFHP Nitrocellulose Membranes

Quantificative assays or where you can reduce reagent dispensing to save cost on reagents.

Fast flow high performance nitrocellulose membranes (plus)

FFHP Plus Nitrocellulose Membranes

When using viscous samples and you wish to reduce reagent dispensing rates to save cost.