July 06, 2018

To: An open letter to our customers
From: Cytiva - Whatman Filtration

Dear customers,

We are proud that the name “Whatman” is synonymous with high quality products made using the finest materials. Users of Whatman products, depend on our filter papers to capture, prepare, and support analysis of thousands of samples and we have taken our contribution to supporting science seriously for more than 250 years.

As part of our commitment to quality, we have implemented several enhancements to our product packaging for the paper grades listed below. The features include an integrated Cytiva logo, a lenticular printing of the Cytiva logo and a special microprinting pattern.

Details of the changes made to product packaging:

  1. The side of the packaging features a scratch pane which reveals the Cytiva and Whatman
  2. The inside front left tab (when viewing from front) will feature Cytiva logo seen through a grating filter
  3. The inside front right tab (when viewing from front) features the above microprinting pattern

The printing is done using environmentally friendly ink and all product information such as name, quantity, diameter and lot no. etc. is now directly printed on the package rather than on a label as had been previous practice.

Should you have any questions regarding these changes or any product which you have received please contact us at scientific.support@ge.com.

A complete list of the grades featuring these packaging enhancements are listed below

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 91
Grade 93 Grade 113 Grade 114 Grade 40 Grade 41 Grade 42 Grade 44
Grade 540 Grade 541 Grade 542 Grade 50 Grade 52 Grade 54 Grade 181
1PS Benchkote Grade 72 1 CHR 3 CHR 3MM CHR 17 CHR
GMF TCLP HGF61 F319-04 EPM2000 QM-A