AE membranes are unbacked, which means either belt or air side of the membrane can be used. Constructed of 100% nitrocellulose, Whatman™ AE membrane offers a higher level of purity and performance than that seen in post-treated materials. AE membranes have been used extensively since the development of the original lateral flow tests and have become a standard for manufacturers worldwide. There is a long history of success and experience for assay optimization using these products.

Unsupported (unbacked) NC membranes are very fragile, have low tensile strength, and may be difficult to handle, but they allow you to test if one side is more suitable for your assay than the other. In some assays the belt side may show superior performance.

By using either the air side or the belt side of an unbacked membrane, you can influence the amount of protein bound, and, therefore, test sensitivity.

SEM image of AE membrane belt side

SEM AE 100 belt side

SEM image of AE membrane air side

SEM AE 100 air side

Technical specifications

AE nitrocellulose membranes

Grade Capillary rise
(s/4 cm)
Total caliper
An unsupported membrane that gives good line intensity for use with low-viscosity samples
A general-purpose membrane fr use with most sample types giving a good combination of sensitivity with fast wicking
A very fast wicking membrane for use with highly viscous samples (e.g. undiluted serum)

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