Automation is common to achieve more efficient and productive purification protocols. Automated methods can include anything from a single chromatography step, or parts of a step, to full multistep protocols including sample preparation and conditioning. Two recent posters describe advanced automation setups that scientists performed at University of Basel.

Scientists use multistep protein purification schemes for purifying proteins intended for structural analysis, such as for membrane proteins. Additionally, the protocol can include buffer dilutions in between chromatography steps. You can perform multistep protocols in a stepwise manner on your chromatography system with several manual tasks and steps, but this can be inefficient, and require researchers to go to the lab on the weekends.

For research chromatographers, automation can be extended to include multiple chromatography steps. The automation setup is application-dependent, and requires flexible hardware and software to provide productive and efficient methods. Scientific curiosity and willingness to drive technical advancements can lead to new ways of using equipment, as well as ideas for further product development that wider groups of researchers can use.

Scientists at University of Basel in Switzerland have set up advanced automated operation of ÄKTA pure™ chromatography system for repetitive multistep purification protocols and in-line buffer dilution steps in two posters. They performed all steps in their purification protocols without manual intervention and without intermediate sample storage. Although the total run time per sample remained, the number of samples purified per week increased as unattended runs enabled purifications to take place out of hours. The increased level of automation reduced manual interventions from six days a week to only two.

Want to know more? Download the posters Automated, multistep column chromatography on an ÄKTA™ pure system using in-line sample dilution and Versatile modules enable automated multi-column purifications on the ÄKTA™ pure chromatography system for inspiration on how to set up your system software and what components to use for automation setups.