Get started with Biacore SPR assay

This is a level 1 self-learning course where you will gain insight into the fundamental steps in setting up a Biacore SPR assay. You will become familiar with different approaches for attachment of ligands and understand different degrees of sample preparation needed for different types of experiments. In addition, the course outlines assay optimization possibilities.

Get to know SPR kinetics and affinity measurements

In this free online course, you’ll learn how you can use Biacore surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems to measure the kinetics and affinity of biomolecular interactions. We recommend taking this level 1 learning after completing our online course Get started with Biacore SPR assays.

Training courses

There are several options for Biacore training. In addition to our self-guided eLearning courses, we offer a range of instructor led courses with hands-on instrument experience for different Biacore systems.

Biacore Assay Development and Data Evaluation (1-2 days)

Instructor led course covering Introduction to Biacore SPR systems, assay development, evaluation and troubleshooting. Flexible, modular course tailored to your application and Biacore system. Courses offered face-to-face with hands-on instrument training or virtually over several 2-3 hour sessions.

Advanced Kinetics and Affinity Data Evaluation using Biacore (2 days)

Covers the theory of kinetic and affinity analysis, focusing on data evaluation for 1:1 binding experiments, recognising deviation from 1:1 binding models and how/when to use more complex fitting models. The participants work individually on software exercises guided by our experienced application specialist. Course offered face-to-face or virtually.

For above courses and bespoke application specific courses available, please contact us or your regional application and sales specialist.