Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE1)

This is a three-day course covering DoE in process development and its application using the ÄKTA avant system.

ÄKTA pure/ÄKTA avant and UNICORN 6.x

This is a three-day course, offering a mixture between theory and practice, about using ÄKTA pure or ÄKTA avant and UNICORN 6 control software.

ÄKTA System Maintenance Training for North America

This is a one-day course at your site for up to 15 people, offering standardized operational and troubleshooting training for ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTApurifier, ÄKTAFPLC, ÄKTA pure, and ÄKTA avant systems users.

Purify App

This guide will help you to quickly select the right chromatography products for your protein separations.

Bed Volume Converter

Convert between bed height and bed volume for chromatography columns.

Flow Rate Converter

Convert between linear flow velocity and volumetric flow rate for chromatography columns.

ÄKTA accessories app

This guide will help you to quickly select the correct ÄKTA accessories (tubing, fractionation racks, column holders, connectors and fittings).

Residence Time Calculator

Calculate the residence time from given flow velocity and bed height.