Through this site, we hope to strengthen that critical partnership by providing our suppliers with information, tools and services to make them more efficient and knowledgeable as they transact with Cytiva.

Last Updated: 13 January 2023


Terms of Purchase

Access our Terms of Purchase and referenced Appendices.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Access information regarding our supplier integrity expectations.

Transition Information

Access information relating to our transition to Danaher.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Current version

Supplier Code of Conduct

For POs issued or Contracts signed before June 26, 2020

Select the country of the Cytiva Legal Entity issuing the purchase order.

Cytiva classifies its purchase orders (POs) as either ‘Direct’ or ‘Indirect’.

For POs issued after 22 Nov 2020… Indirect POs will have the word ‘Indirect’ in the Important Notes section of the PO. Any PO without that designation should be considered ‘Direct’.

For POs issued before 23 Nov 2020…Direct POs have 7digit PO numbers, usually with a release number (e.g., 4100076/125), whereas Indirect POs have more than 7 digits (e.g., 413120003154).

If you have an Indirect PO number, the ‘Indirect’ Terms of Purchase below apply.


iSupplier Tool

Access and support for Cytiva’s PO collaboration tool.

Supplier Collaboration Tool

Access and support for Cytiva’s RFQ & drawing collaboration tool.

Accounts Payable Support

AP support and invoice instructions.

Accounts Payable Support

If you have queries to members of the Cytiva Accounts Payable department related to invoices and payments then please log a ticket on our ServiceNow portal here

Cytiva webpage login is required to be able to access ServiceNow portal and raise AP Helpdesk queries as a supplier. If you are not already registered, follow the registration steps indicated here, in order to create an account in Cytiva webpage and access ServiceNow submission portal.

In case your login has already been created, you will not be able to create an account using the same email address, instead you will receive the following error when trying to register your account “This email already exists or needs activating“. All you need to do is reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password”, instructions about how to reset your password are provided within the same document here

Additionally, Refer to the same document (Supplier guide to ServiceNow AP Helpdesk) , to learn more about how to raise cases using the new tool.

If you only want to check status of an invoice you can do that through the Basware portal to see if it is paid or not. more information can be found under header Basware portal below

Invoice submission

There are different ways you can submit your invoice to Cytiva and our Basware invoice processing system, to review the instruction per Legal entity please click here

Cytiva invoice submission guidelines to ensure your invoice is processed appropriately: please click here

Basware Portal

You can register to the Basware portal, the registration is not mandatory but is highly recommended. The benefits for you if you wish to register are

  • You will be able to review and track the status of your invoice in the Basware Portal which we believe to be a major benefit & allows you to simplify how you conduct business with Cytiva.
  • Automated data capture - Basware’s Smart PDF service. Basware SmartPDF is an additional service for converting PDF invoices that are sent via email into electronic invoices. The service captures invoice data from the PDF invoices and uses that information to build a structured invoice data file. The service supports image-based and machine-based PDF file

Please note: this service is free of charge for the supplier. You can find the registration link & more information by clicking here