ReadyToProcess Configurator

Design single-use fluid circuits more quickly & easily using our free, online tool.

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Normal Flow Filtration (NFF) Calculator

Calculates the required productivity, required filter area, and number of 10 inch Equal.

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Permeate Volume and Process Time Calculator

Enter some process values to calculate the permeate volume and process time.

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Shear Rate Calculator

Calculate the shear rate for hollow fibers from given volumetric flow rate, numbers of fibers, and diameter.

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Temperature Corrected Flux Calculator

Enter the reference, current temperature, and current flux to get the corrected flux.

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Transmembrane Pressure (TMP) Calculator

Enter the pressure readings shown on your pressure gauge in any unit to get the TMP.

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Flux Converter

Convert flux from Gallons/ft 2 /day to Liter/m 2 /h and volumetric flow rate, or vice versa.

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Flux per Pressure Unit Converter

Convert flux between Gallons/ft 2 /day/psi g and Liter/m 2 /h/bar g.

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Torque Unit Converter

Convert between the torque units Newton meter, Newton centimeter, Pound foot, and Pound inch. Enter your torque value in one of these units to convert it into one of the other units.

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