Normal Flow Filtration (NFF) Calculator

Calculate the required productivity, required filter area, and number of 10 inch Equal.

Please enter filter capacity from previous tests, filter media in use, process volume requirement (L) and time requirement (h). If you want to convert the calculated filter area given in m2 to cm2, in2 or ft2 please use the Area converter. For volumetric flow rates other than L/min please use the Volumetric flow rate converter.

Total volume that can be successfully filtered with
a constant 6 ml/min flow with 47mm disk trail
before pressure reaches 1 barg (14.7 psig) (ml)
Filter capacity from previous tests (L/m2)
Filter Media
Process Volume requirement (L)
Time requirement (h)
Required productivity (L/min)
Filter capacity (L/m2)
Filter area required (m2)
Number of 10" EQL (EQL's)

Productivity is calculated by using the formula: Productivity = Process Volume(L)/Time(h)/60

Filter area required is calculated by the formula: Filter area = Volume(L)*(1/Filter capacity (L/m2) + 1/Water permeability(LMH/psig)*14.7*time(h))

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