Optimize your productivity

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing maintenance decisions for bioprocessing systems can be challenging. When do you take proactive steps to renew your system and maintain reliable operation and acceptable risk? Is the system worth an investment? Is it time for maintenance? Is it time to replace your system?

You made a wise investment by choosing reliable bioprocessing hardware that will outlast the industry average. However, as with all mechanical systems, deterioration occurs with time and usage. Process changes may uncover additional needs and call for increased optimization.

Steps to upgrade your system

You will have the opportunity to work with your local OptiRun service team to develop a plan based on your individual setup and needs. For some units, operating costs or a change in process will dictate that your system be replaced with a more efficient system. In other cases, the best choice is to keep and upgrade the system you have. Our service team can provide evaluations to help you decide.

If upgrading is the right choice for you, the OptiRun service team will upgrade the appropriate components. Our service team can also provide support for database management, equipment requalification, process revalidation, and end-user training to ensure smooth and efficient upgrades.