How does an OptiRun EssentialCare service agreement support your bioprocess equipment?

Plan your preventive maintenance (PM) for your instrument proactively. Routine scheduling of this essential annual activity will restore your equipment to factory specifications

If PM is the only service you need and you like to schedule your PM visits, the EssentialCare plan may work for you.

An OptiRun service specialist will conduct a full diagnostic on your system, perform all necessary maintenance and verification work, and issue a visit report for your records.

All PM parts, travel, and labor costs are included; additional feels apply for parts not included in the PM kit.

In addition to prescheduling and priority response, you receive a preferred price compared with a standard ad hoc PM vist.

The EssentialCare plan provides preventive maintenance designed to keep your bioprocess equipment at factory specifications



Recommended for low-usage equipment needing one PM without full coverage

Full coverage No
Labor and travel for repair outside of PM No
Repair parts not included in PM No
Response times1 Per agreement
Duration 12 months
Preventive maintenance visit 1× annually
  • 1 Accelerated response time available at an additional charge, may vary by region and equipment type