Preventive maintenance with OptiRun supports performance and compliance

Preventive maintenance (PM) programs support peak performance and compliance for your ÄKTA chromatography system. Routine maintenance reduces equipment breakdown and the need for costly repairs. Scheduled maintenance tunes your instrument to deliver high-quality products with PM procedures that are documented in a service report.

Designing and servicing bioprocess equipment requires understanding of the process and the science driving it. By taking advantage of an OptiRun PM program, you can benefit from our global experience in designing and maintaining thousands of life science chromatography systems. Only Cytiva service engineers are trained and certified to perform PM on your ÄKTA pilot 600R system.

Performed tests Replaced parts
Initial performance test Restrictor inserts
Air sensor test Pump seals
Air trap leakage test UV lamp
Valve test (air trap; column; inlet; outlet) O-rings used in the air trap valve
Pressure sensor test Pressure sensor O-rings
Check valve test All O-rings used in the air trap
Pressure pulsation test Pump rinse diaphragm
System backpressure test Valve membranes (inlets; air; column; outlets and any optional modules)
System leakage test Mixer O-ring (optional module)
UV monitor test O-ring pH module (optional module)
Conductivity monitor test Mixer stirrer (optional module)
Mixer module test (optional module)
Valve test (mixer, optional module)
pH module test (optional module)
Final performance test