Akta lab scale products
Extended warranty coverage
Unlimited repairs and parts as required Yes
Labor and travel Yes
Response times1 3-5 days
Duration 24, 36, or 60 months2
Planned preventive maintenance visit Varies depending on instrument usage3

1Accelerated response times are available at an additional charge and might vary by region and equipment type.
2Longer duration plans and additional preventive maintenance visits might be available depending on your type of instrument. Please call us for coverage specific to your equipment configuration.
3For most instruments, we recommend one preventive maintenance visit per year starting in the second year of ownership. We can make a personalized recommendation based on your intended use.

Service agreements available online:
ÄKTA chromatography plans

If your instrument is not listed here, please contact your local Cytiva representative or fill out the form below to be contacted by a member of our service team.

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