How does a FlexCare service agreement support your laboratory equipment?

12 months of lab coverage applied where and when you need it.

If your laboratory is well-funded, you have a fixed sum to allocate to future services, and you want coverage for multiple instruments, the FlexCare service contract may be for you.

The FlexCare agreement is a flexible, annual contract for multiple assets allowing you to set aside funds to use over a 12-month period. Funds can be applied to any service needs including preventive maintenance, repairs, training, and parts. Service costs are deducted from an agreed upon up-front value.

FlexCare plans provide comprehensive, lab-wide coverage



12 months of a fixed amount of lab-wide coverage, prepaid and flexibly applied

Full coverage Custom
Labor and travel Custom
Repair parts Custom
Response times1 8 days
Duration 12 months
Preventive maintenance visit Custom
  • 1 Accelerated response time available at an additional charge, may vary by region and equipment type