Preventive maintenance supports performance and uptime

Preventive maintenance (PM) programs for your Biacore system support your research outcomes. Routine maintenance reduces equipment breakdown and the need for costly repairs.

Scheduled maintenance tunes your instrument to meet your goals in quality, speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Extensive set of 50 tests and inspections
System check Rack drive unit verification
Pneumatic control unit test Temperature control verification
Liquid system operation verification Optical unit and docking inspection
Autosampler lubrication and calibration Pump mechanism cleaning and lubrication
Syringe maintenance Chip insertion verification
Verification of Biacore control software
Parts replaced during PM
Integrated μ-fluidic cartridge (IFC) Optical interface
Syringe maintenance kit Peristaltic pump tubing
Recommended interval
Our standard recommended PM frequency is two visits per year if:
- Instrument usage is high
- Organic solvents are being used
- Instrument is used in a multi-user environment
Note: Parts replaced during PM may vary from model to model. If your Biacore system is not covered by a service agreement, any part replaced other than a wear part will incur additional charges.