How does a SafeCare service agreement support your laboratory equipment?

Plan your preventive maintenance (PM) proactively and cap the value of your repair cost.

Are you looking for a risk-sharing service contract with capped repair costs? Do you prefer to have your PM visit scheduled rather than ad hoc?

Our OptiRun service engineer will conduct a full diagnostic on your system, perform all necessary maintenance and verification work, and issue a visit report for your records.

PM parts, travel, and labor costs are held to a capped value.

In addition to prescheduling and priority response, you receive a preferred price compared to a standard ad hoc PM visit.

SafeCare plans for research provide preventive maintenance for your laboratory equipment with capped repair costs



12-month risk-sharing contract with capped repair cost

Full coverage Capped value
Labor and travel Capped value
Repair parts Capped value
Response times1 3 to 5 days
Duration 12 months
Preventive maintenance visit 1× or 2× annually
  • 1 May vary by product type and region